Hello my friend,

Assuming you watched the intro video, you are aware that your company is investing in an inspiring personal development program, called PeopleThriver.

A powerful element of the program is giving team members an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to their supervisors.

Tomorrow, you’ll receive from PeopleThriver the first request for feedback.

The feedback you provide is meant to help supervisors find more meaning and fulfillment in their work by more consistently helping team members to thrive.

However, we still want the feedback to be anonymous so team members feel safe providing it.

So, managers with two or more direct reports will see a “score” that is the average of all direct reports who provide feedback.

If a manager only has one direct report, that manager will not see the feedback score of her/his direct report.  Instead, that manager will see the average score of all managers in the company.

This allows the team member of a manager with only one direct report to still provide feedback and have her/his voice be heard, while also ensuring anonymity.

We look forward to helping you thrive!

The team at PeopleThriver