When people thrive, organizations thrive.

We offer a scalable, repeatable system for building a sustainable, high-performance culture that attracts and retains top talent.

What if you could significantly improve employee engagement and retention just by asking employees for their feedback in a creative new way?

What if you could easily train all your managers to drive high levels of employee engagement and reduce turnover with simple habits they can stick with and without pulling managers away from work for long training sessions?

What if the people you promoted to leadership positions showed up for their first day on the job already trained on what world-class leaders do to drive high performance and engagement?

PeopleThriver makes this all possible for less than you probably spend on coffee and donuts.

A Free Training That Will Help You Quickly Improve Retention and Engagement

Our Revolutionary Approach to Employee Engagement, Retention, and High Performance

We use short, 1-2 question surveys on how well managers are meeting the employee needs that are directly correlated to employee engagement, retention, and high performance.

By getting regular feedback in small bits, it’s easier for managers to digest and act on that feedback.

Managers don’t have to think about a large number of issues at once.  

They just have to work on growing in one, small area, so they’re much more likely to take action.

Long employee engagement surveys have their place for gather data on how to improve things at the organizational level. 

However, they’re not very effective at quickly improving employee engagement and retention. 

In fact, in many cases, they do more harm than good.

These surveys are expensive to run, and the process of acting on the feedback is usually very long and resource intensive, which can result in loss of trust and decreased engagement when employees feel that no action resulted from the surveys they completed.

And, the typical best case scenario for an outcome with the large surveys is that employee engagement and retention improve just a little bit because there isn’t enough focus on helping managers get better at meeting the needs of employees.

We provide managers with feedback from team members combined with quick, 5-min video training on simple habits they can stick with for consistently meeting the core needs that are directly correlated to employee engagement, retention, and high performance.

When training provides just a couple simple, actionable ideas for improving, it’s much more likely that the managers will take some action.

And, because the managers are only working on one new leadership behavior at a time, they are much more likely to make that new behavior a habit that sticks.

This is the key to helping people create lasting transformation.

People very rarely change much as a result of learning something new, however exciting the new learning is.

Lasting transformation occurs gradually over time when we develop simple habits that are easy to stick with.

Team members see action being taken on their feedback in a matter of days.

With this approach of short, frequent surveys, employees will see action being taken on their feedback in a matter of days, compared to the typical process with big surveys in which employees either never see action being taken, or they see it months and months after the survey.

When employees see action being taken within days, even if it isn’t perfect action, they feel heard.  They feel like their opinion matters.

This alone can immediately and significantly improve employee engagement and retention.

Research from Gallup suggests that engagement is nearly 3 times higher when employees strongly agree with the statement:

“My organization acts upon the results of surveys I complete.”

Because engagement and retention are so tightly correlated, this creative use of surveys alone could easily reduce turnover by 10% or more.

We provide team members with quick 5-min video training on what they can do to help their managers help them to thrive, and create a great workplace culture from the ground up.

By giving team members training on what they can do to facilitate employee engagement and creating a high-performance culture that has a positive impact on the well being and growth of team members, engagement and retention can be improved even faster than by training managers alone.

This also trains team members on what great leaders do so that when they’re ready to become leaders, they are actually ready!

Could you imagine how much more effective your managers would be if they had already received a world-class training on leadership before they stepped into their roles as managers?

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We envision a world in which all leaders and workplace cultures consistently make a positive impact on the growth and well being of team members.

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We help managers and team members build and sustain workplace cultures that drive sustainable high performance, while also making a positive impact on the well being and growth of the managers, team members, and the communities they serve.

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